Author: Andrew McGuckin
Categories: Video, animation, interactive, motion, TVC

Looking beyond the banner

Banner ads have come a long way over the years. And the fairly recent introduction of HTML5 means they can now be transformed into beautiful little packages of story that work well amidst busy news pages, despite not having audio.

Striking the right balance

Pre-rolls (which play before feature videos) and social media ads offer other options if you have the budget for video, when a television commercial doesn’t exist, and conventional video is too expensive.

One approach that provides the ideal balance is using video like a ‘banner ad on steroids’. By creating a simple (though still sophisticated) slideshow with a managed level of animation, you can add in story-boosting music and voiceover while keeping costs down.

NWO video examples

Here are some recent examples of videos we’ve created, using some of this thinking.

Queensland Week


Higher use of animation but no voiceover kept the budget lean.

QFES recruitment


A series of five videos built around key messages, output in standard screen dimensions and square for Instagram.

Electric Bikes Brisbane


No voiceover needed here because fun and clever stock images and quirky music told the story.

We’d love to know about any banner ads or videos you’re planning. Drop us a line to see how we can help.