Author: Scott Oxford
Categories: Video, animation, interactive, motion, TVC

Making the most of video

Right now the web is awash with video. Just look at your Facebook or LinkedIn feed and you’ll get an idea of how much video content is being produced and posted every day. And it’s on the rise, with video expected to account for around 82% of all internet traffic by 2020.

Quality is king

The thing is, we don’t have any more time in our days to view all this extra content, so video quality and relevance is going to play an increasingly important role in what gets watched and what doesn’t. While there are lots of cheap production services available, if you want your video to be successful, it’s worth looking beyond cost alone.

The key purpose of any video communication is to tell a clear and compelling story – something that captures and maintains your audience’s interest. It also needs to be well strategised, use its medium well and, of course, be well crafted.

Things to consider

When planning your next video, keep these things in mind:

  • Is animation the right approach, or would live action better suit? Budget can be a big factor here because it is often much easier to animate.
  • Think about voiceover versus text on screen. Does the video need to work without sound, on social media or in a noisy display? Will people read enough of the message on screen? Is the voice vital to the communication of the message, through a tone, accent or character?
  • Are you creating a series? If so, can any illustration assets be used again, or can the video be edited for smaller uses such as social media marketing?

NWO video examples

Here are some recent examples of videos we’ve created, using some of this thinking.

Mental Health Week

Uses emotive music and messaging on screen to ensure, sound or no sound, the messages get through.

Our HPW, our future

Uses real staff members delivering autocue script to camera, taken from the words of them and their colleagues.

DEWS energy bill

Uses characters to explain and entertain.

We’d love to know what videos you’re planning. Drop us a line to see how we can help.