Author: Suzanne Oxford
Categories: Design, Creative

Outsourcing creative services

When it comes to finding an external supplier, we understand the challenges many government comms (and non-comms) people face. You need someone who has a good idea of how the government arena works and the demands and limitations you face but still pushes the boundaries to achieve something worth paying external fees for. But where do you start?

Take a look at the list

A great place to begin your search for an external creative services supplier is the whole-of-government panel. Here you’ll find a list of large and small advertising and communications agencies that are all pre-qualified and experienced working in your space.

When perusing the names on the whole-of-government panel, consider the following:

  1. Smaller agencies can do big campaign and project work too. Many have been competing with the top end of town for years and can often ensure you get very senior, experienced people working directly with you on your job.
  2. Find an agency that can fill in the gaps you have. If you’re not used to outsourcing design or campaigns, the right agency can answer every question you have and work with you to develop a brief that will meet all your needs (even the ones you’re not sure of yet!).
  3. Help the agency and yourself by being clear on what’s required and what happens if or when you change your mind. Author’s corrections can amass unexpectedly and everyone needs to be clear on when they kick in and why they are happening.

NWO is on the whole-of-government panel, so be sure to drop us a line to see how we can help with your next project or campaign.