Notes to self

Morning: Alarm sounds when sun rises. If groggy, snooze. If sharp, write. Keep your best ideas for yourself.

Get to work on time.

If cold, long black. Two shots. If hot, iced latte. Short glass, two shots. Extra ice.

Headphones, noise-cancelling. Select soundtrack that feels right for writing. Sans words. Loop the song to remove sound from your attention, leaves the feeling.

Moleskine, B5, grid. Ballpoint pen, black ink. Suz, left-handed, convicted pen thief, cannot steal because ink will smudge.

First draft, longhand. All caps. One must be able to read their own hand. Permanence of ink forces the perfectionist to move forward despite imperfection. Freehand encourages free thoughts.

Lunch—eat outside, all weather. Fresh air and fine company fuel the mind. Caffeine also.

Afternoon: Get lost in your work. Your colleagues will find you, pull you out of your head when needed.

Leave work on time.

Drum niggling thoughts from your mind by pounding pavement.

Evening: Simple meal washed down with shiraz and good conversation.

Read fiction until unconscious, borrowed from fast-return section of library. Quality literature is served only with Saturday morning and an almond croissant.

Weekend: move slowly. Spend too long in bed, spend too long in shower. Does not apply to coffee—drink while hot. Keep notebook near. Capture ideas before they fall out of your mind, lost forever. Notes, plans, diagrams.

Brunch or market with a pal. Actually, both. One never regrets purchasing brunch. Visit parents. Nap on couch. Walk up a mountain in time for sunset. Wine with friends till the wee hours. Ensure soul is full for Monday.


Bachelor of Communication (UQ)


Pithy, witty copy


If you're buying, espresso martini. If I'm buying, G&T, extra lime.

Spirit animal:

Mockingbird—I imitate the voice of the market I'm writing for. I also enjoy mocking people.

Secret skill:

I'm too vain to keep my skills secret.