I knew I wasn’t going to be a teacher forever. I always felt that there was going to be something else for me and my career.

My true passion lies in serving senior leaders and helping them in any way I can to make their life easier. When Suzanne reached out for a personal assistant, I took the plunge and applied. Now my everyday looks like doing whatever I can to help make the work and personal lives of our NWO partners as easy as possible. My role is varied, unstructured and keeps me one my toes—just the way I like to be. I am truly living out my passion at New Word Order.

My family life is big and beautiful. We are Greek and we just know how to do life well—eating food, loving each other and making sure our guests feel like royalty. If my friends are full when they leave my house, I have done my job.

I am known to be passionate and excited at just about anything. If you have a new and exciting idea, tell me because I am sure to give you the courage you need to continue pursuing it. I am overwhelmingly extraverted, so much so that I hate even driving by myself and will call my husband to chat on the phone until I reach my destination (he is so patient with me).

My favourite thing to do is spend time with my husband, talking and dreaming about our future together, usually over a meal at a new Brisbane restaurant. Our biggest dream is to go on a four-month eating tour around Europe to the best restaurants which might be listed in one of our favourite Netflix series, Chef’s Table.