Being a commercial creative means someone is hoping, expecting and paying for a result.

But just because something is creative in its execution doesn’t mean it’s going to be effective in achieving its goal.

Here are five pitfalls to avoid when procuring creative services:

  1. Hiring a single creative, like a designer, to be a whole creative team. Your supplier will end up working in one strength and many weaknesses.
  2. Procuring from a supplier who can use design software but isn’t a designer. The work will miss the mark despite looking okay.
  3. Working with a graphic designer who isn’t skilled in the type of design you need (like brand design). You’ll get a pretty logo lacking in brand story and meaning.
  4. Jumping straight into design without a strategy. You’ll receive design work that’s lovely, even beautiful… but not strategic.
  5. Failing to define what success looks like. Your supplier’s work will lack purpose. Instead, make sure you have a clear goal that measures the biggest outcome of all: return on investment.

So yes, creative work can be both pretty and powerful. And you can have it all… if you invest in a team of strategically focused creatives.

Creative agencies cost more but are teams for a reason. We’re much more powerful together than on our own.

Just like a hand of aces vs a single 3.