Author: Scott Oxford
Categories: New work, Projects

Recent branding work

Working with a brand from its conception – or its re-conception – is incredibly rewarding. Creating and unfolding a new brand identity, its story and its emergence into the world employs the best of what we offer. Last year saw us do this with more clients than ever before.

These clients include start-ups, not-for-profits, corporates and innovative new products, and include new brands, repositions and rebrands.

Our work for these clients encompassed brand strategy, logo and visual identity design, brand rollout and activation, and marketing and communications collateral and campaigns.


A superannuation company with a youth focus, Emplus briefed us to rebrand the business and refresh all of its collateral, including copy, a new website and marketing and regulatory collateral.



We developed a fresh identity for the public launch of the Prospera financial modelling software. Prospera helps financial advisers support their clients through monthly reporting and tracking, using their unique Tale of the Whale model to map the client’s financial journey. Our services included full visual identity and marketing services including extensive copywriting and redesign of the software interface.



A start-up financial services company catering to new homebuyers and elite athletes, the new brand reflects the Principal’s surname, Turnbull, and the characteristics he brings to working for his clients.



Perth-based architectural drafting company, the Bowman Bureau, has revolutionised its offering to encompass BIM (Building Information Management) for a whole new market. We were approached to rebrand and relaunch them on the national market under their new name: Parametric.



The Board of Professional Engineers Queensland was released from the requirements to adhere to the Queensland Government visual identity and chose us to develop their new logo and visual identity, key collateral and style guide.



Brilliant colleagues prior to becoming our client, Neuropower is an international group applying the principles of neuroscience across a range of disciplines including leadership, teaming and marketing. Its complex brand family incorporates master aligned sub-brands and uniquely branded entities. Our work included developing the new brand and visual standards, and applying these to key workshop tools and other publications.



A superannuation company focused on high-net worth clients, AMG commissioned us to re-brand them and develop website and publications.



Under the direction of our colleagues at BBS Communications, we developed this brand, website and visual style for Projects Queensland’s redevelopment of the unique precinct vacated by the former Royal Children’s Hospital. The icon is modeled on the unusual shape of the precinct, and includes 23 triangles, one for each existing building on the site.