Author: Jonno White
Categories: digital marketing, direct marketing, marketing

What is marketing automation?

Marketing what? The word automation can sound like a coder’s dream and everyone else’s nightmare.

But the truth is that if your business has prospects and customers and communicates with them in any way, then you already have most of the pieces needed to play with marketing automation.

Matching pieces

You see, marketing automation is actually both a business owner’s dream and a marketer’s dream. Why? Because it’s software that helps sales and marketing to come together in order to grow revenue. Most marketing automation software includes the following components:

CRM (customer relationship management): The software will include a built-in CRM for storing your prospects and customers’ data and/or it will integrate with other CRMs such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, Nimble or Zoho.

Campaigns: These can include any type of lead-gen, lead-nurturing and sales-closing campaigns—not just email but as broad as social, online, trade shows, webinars, Google Adwords, blogs and so on. Basically, it’s anywhere where the call to action leads to someone filling out a form online or liking a page. Once again, marketing automation software will include some or all of these tools built-in and it will play well with other software you’re already using.

Analytics and reports: In the same way that email marketing software such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor provides reports on open rates, clicks and unsubscribes, marketing automation software takes it a step further. You can run reports on all of your online and offline campaigns and track engagement with your website. Then you can combine these statistics with your sales data to measure ROI from the generation of a lead right through to the close of sale. 

The kicker

All of these things exist outside of marketing automation. What makes marketing automation so powerful is how it brings them all together. The software uses triggers and workflows to automate time-consuming sales and marketing processes such as scoring, segmenting leads based on fit and engagement, and matching content to leads’ interests and pain points.

The result is highly personalised marketing that uses tailored and dynamic content to nurture every lead as if it was your most important one—from first touchpoint right through to closing a sale and beyond.

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