Through 20 years of branding experience, we’ve come to understand stakeholder engagement is essential for a brand to have cut-through.

We’ve engaged with our clients’ stakeholders for many years and in many ways—ranging from formal, formative market research through to in-depth focus groups, workshops, community forums, brand satisfaction surveys and phone interviews.

No matter the method, what really counts is that we capture how people relate to your brand. That relationship leads to relevance and then the ultimate goal: resonance.


Every great brand is built on relationship.

When you form healthy relationships with stakeholders, you open yourself up to a range of opinions. Generally, feedback gets more constructive as the relationship grows healthier.

If you’re the brand manager, it can feel a bit like tough love at first—but it does get easier.


So much more than a logo, brands are heavy with meaning for stakeholders. And so if the environment changes but your brand doesn’t, the meaning is lost.

A lot of the stakeholder feedback we hear about brands is that they’re outdated or lack appeal. Without relevance, your stakeholders no longer feel the love.

Constantly retune yourself to your stakeholders and you’ll keep fulfilling their needs.


Resonance is where understanding meets impact.

A brand rich with resonance is the holy grail of marketing and, true to legend, few reach it.

That’s because resonance means your brand is a perfect fit for your stakeholders’ environment, pain points, wants and emotional connection.

Resonance engenders attention and respect, and turns want to need.

And when stakeholders can’t live without your brand? Happy days.

The 3Rs start here

Whether you’re looking to name and brand or rename and rebrand, your brand journey starts with understanding your stakeholders.

Talk to us about how to take your first steps.