Revealing you have a side hustle always brings up questions about success.

“What kind of a profit are you making?”

“Is it worth it?”

Especially if you, like myself, also work a full-time job and the side hustle itself is almost equally as full-time—the questions surrounding the value of your extracurricular will frequently plague you.

Holding the worth of something solely on whether or not it’s profitable can be a slippery slope of creating unattainable goals and unrealistic expectations on yourself and your business.

What I get out of my side hustle both professionally and personally far surpasses any financial goals.

It’s an outlet for my creativity and a way to express myself. Plus, it helps me to be more creative in my day job.

The two jobs feed into each other and without either or both I would struggle to feel like myself.

Success from my side hustle is measured in the praise of happy customers, the smiles and comments I get from people who pass my stuff in the streets, and the self-satisfaction I get from creating something from an idea in my head to something you can physically wear or hold.

Sure, getting paid is also great and I dream of the day when it can become my full-time job. But, for now, my success is much deeper than a dollar amount.

This International Women’s Day, I’m choosing to challenge the notion that wealth equals success.

Let’s choose to open our mind to what success looks like and celebrate the amazing things we’re doing.

By Kimi Schieren as part of International Women’s Day 2021