Coomera Anglican College

Coomera Anglican College

Anything is possible

Anything is possible

This campaign is bridging the gap between Coomera Anglican College’s storied past and bold future. It’s a powerful positioning piece that’s standing the college out from the crowd and showcasing it as the school of choice on the northern Gold Coast.

Storied past, bold future

Coomera Anglican College is heavily storied. It’s done a lot of work to capture its history and moments. As result, there is a lot of heritage and tradition for a relatively young school (just 25 years).

The college has set a strong future of innovation and entrepreneurship. It has appointed a deputy principal whose whole focus is innovation. It also has an exceptionally future-focused business manager who is sports-obsessed with big dreams.

Our work is helping the college bridge the gap from the past to an exciting future.


Following focus groups, in-depth interviews, a competitor analysis and a brand refresh in 2020, we embarked on developing a new public-facing campaign to help the college continue to position itself as the private school of choice for the rapidly growing northern Gold Coast region.


In order to stand out in the crowded private school space, we looked outside of schools for inspiration—drawing from global sports and technology brands.

This campaign steers right away from traditional school advertising: think students standing and smiling in their school uniforms, older and younger students holding hands and walking through manicured school grounds, girls in safety glasses huddled over a beaker and Bunsen burner.


The result is a powerful cinematic masterpiece: dramatic, inspirational and compelling. The script was drawn from lyrics of the college’s traditional song. Paired with the inspiring footage, the video effectively acknowledges the past while painting a vivid picture of the future.

“It was a pleasure working with New Word Order to develop the new creative for our College. They took the time to get to know what makes our college unique, and helped put that into tangible storytelling.”

– Aimee Barlett, Marketing and Communications Manager at Coomera Anglican College