Queensland Government

Domestic and family violence awareness campaign

To help slow the spread of COVID-19, Queenslanders are spending more time at home—but home isn’t always a safe place.

Everyone deserves to feel safe. Domestic and family violence is never acceptable. Help and support are available.

This is the campaign message the Queensland Government commissioned us to develop as the impact of COVID-19 rippled across our state.

Campaign development

We started the project by researching DFV campaigns in Australia and around the world.

Our diverse target market included:

1. Adult Queenslanders 18+ who are affected by domestic and family violence

  • People experiencing domestic and family violence
  • People who become aware of domestic and family violence occurring

2. Young Queenslanders 13-17 years old who may be affected by domestic and family violence in their household.

We developed campaign concepts—visuals, messaging and animation—to help Queenslanders understand the nature of DFV and to seek help for themselves or others.


Rather than describe exactly what DFV might look like, the scripts and campaign advertisements echo the thoughts and feelings of those experiencing or observing DFV.

The copy style is concise, informal and written to an individual. DFV is complex and often hard to identify. We unpacked the different dimensions of DFV and always pointed the reader or viewer to help and support.

Our messages were targeted to a diverse Queensland audience. We aimed to capture the human experience and emotions of DFV through the voice and style of the copy.

Visual cues

Our creative team completed an environmental scan to develop three design concepts with strategic choices in colours, symbols, typography and iconography.

The icons are simple and symbolic. We were careful to avoid using the human figure or gender-specific shapes to symbolise violent or threatening behaviours.

Instead, our goal was to capture the far-reaching effect of domestic violence in the home and family through clean and minimal iconography, colours and shapes.

We used brand colours strategically, ensuring they were striking but not aggressive or alarming. Wherever possible, we avoided dark colours and shadows.


When directing the animation style, we wanted to convey the key messages of the campaign clearly and quickly. The morphing animation style is eye-catching and interesting.

The morphing shapes also efficiently unpack important messages to the viewer, complementing and supporting the messages in the video voiceover.

Help is available

DVConnect Womensline 1800 811 811

DVConnect Mensline 1800 600 636

Report any incidence of domestic and family violence to the Police online.

In an emergency, call Triple Zero (000) and ask for Police.

See the full campaign here.