Brisbane North PHN

Finding reasons to stay

Our agency purpose—to make a meaningful difference to people’s lives—rings no truer than this campaign.

Suicide takes around eight Australians from us every day and it needs to stop.

Brisbane North PHN commissioned us to join the fight against suicide and produce a powerful digital campaign, speaking to people at risk of suicide and to their friends and family.

The concept and campaign name of Reasons to Stay emerged from our conversations with people who have lived experience of suicide—both survivors and families of those who had passed away.

This prevention campaign targeted two specific groups:

  • those at risk of suicide themselves
  • the friends and family around those at risk.

Open hearts and minds from beginning to end

Presenting our creative concepts to these groups enabled us to test and hone visual directions and key messages.

We further refined the work and key members of the focus groups reviewed the results and gave their blessing to the final approach that appears in the campaign videos, digital ads and website.

We also worked with other organisations working across niche groups within our target market to ensure we were inclusive and respectful of their individual efforts in this space.

Conversations can be lifesaving. The Reasons to Stay campaign drives this message to remind people to reach out and find their reasons to keep living.

Our team found the work has a particular significance, specifically in its potential to help keep people in the world.

The PHN’s intention—and ours—is to see this campaign spread far beyond the northern boundaries of Brisbane and make a difference to people’s lives everywhere.

Visit the website to share the campaign videos and direct people in immediate need to find help.