Brisbane North PHN

Medical Mums

An immunisation campaign targeting families in Brisbane’s wealthier northern suburbs

Immunisation rates in some of Brisbane North PHN’s catchment were showing the anti-vaccination movement was having a significant impact.

While parents from lower socio-economic backgrounds were responding to the Australian Government’s ‘no jab, no pay’ rules, those not using daycare—including many from among the wealthier suburbs—were holding their ground.

We determined from research these parents would respond to their GP’s opinion and developed a behaviour change campaign to encourage conversations between parents and medical professionals around immunisation and overcome objections to it.

Harnessing the power of medical influencers

We harnessed the GP/medical voice and added extra credibility by finding medical professionals who were also parents. Under the heading of Medical Mums, we found two GPs and one Indigenous health nurse to become the faces and voices of the campaign. They discussed hot topics and the benefits of immunisation and drew on their own beliefs and practices as parents, as well as their medical training.

We launched the campaign in 2016’s Immunisation Week and have revised it for relaunch every year since, including a vaccination myth busting video featuring gorgeous illustration.

Results showed immunisation levels increased after the campaign and our client received extensive positive feedback—including from the Queensland Minister for Health.

Our team finds great satisfaction in spreading positive health messages.

The PHN’s intention—and ours—is to see this campaign spread far beyond the northern boundaries of Brisbane and make a difference to people’s lives everywhere.

Visit the website to see the campaign videos, get the facts and spread the word about immunisation.