Department of Housing and Public Works

Our HPW, our future

Every day, thousands of Housing and Public Works frontline staff play vital roles in the lives of Queenslanders, including those who need support to find shelter.

To recognise their extraordinary efforts under sometimes trying circumstances, we embarked on a statewide culture project that included workshops around the state to gather staff ideas on what unites them as a workforce.

From their words came a manifesto, executed in different collateral and including this video: staff from across the state, in their own words, sharing what makes them united and strong.

It’s powerful stuff—yet little did we know how widespread the impact and importance of this cultural integration project would be.

More than a year on, when we interviewed staff for case studies, many repeated back to us the exact lines from this video as reasons for why they do what they do.

As a marker of engagement success, it doesn’t get much stronger.