MMTD → Pivotus

New name, new brand and new website

After rapid growth in recent years, My Media Trading Desk (MMTD) hit the pause button and engaged NWO to ask many of their valued clients: What do you really think of MMTD?

Their clients’ generous answers both delighted MMTD and offered a mandate to change and grow.

Pivotus is their response.

But what do your clients really think?

NWO began the rebranding process by surveying MMTD’s clients. Commonly held by all of their clients was great regard for their honesty, their industry knowledge, and their unbreakable commitment to exceptional customer service.

Clients also said they wanted to get deeper insights, beyond the fast and accurate data and delivery MMTD were already known for.

Why Pivotus?

MMTD needed a new brand to drive their reputation for quality data, strategic advice and superior customer experiences.

The brand needed to convey a clear promise: we’ll rapidly measure and pivot to maximise your media spend returns.

To pivot is to turn on a point—and there’s no better metaphor for how they pivot digital media to get the best possible results for their clients.

Pivotus is also a call to action: Pivot your brand with their team—because they are nimble, fast and focused in a rapidly changing market.

Founder and CEO Michael Petersen said the new brand better reflects market expectations of their firm and his team’s commitment to a superior customer experience.

NWO also designed, developed and launched their new website to coincide with the rebrand.