Rural Aid

Rural Aid campaign

Through drought, flood and fire, Rural Aid is there.

Rural Aid is there for local farmers doing it tough, providing water, fodder and financial and counselling help.

Providing emergency support is the priority, but it was time for Rural Aid to shift its focus to building resilience and sustainability in rural communities.

The nature of the campaign, featuring real farmers telling their story, was insightful for many staff who might not get the chance to speak with or hear from farmers very often.

– Jaimie Robertson, Fundraising Marketing and Communications Manager at Rural Aid

The campaign

Our goal was to raise significant revenue before the end of the financial year. With this campaign we also set out to connect with and thank previous supporters, and strengthen the Rural Aid brand in market.

The revenue being generated from the campaign has had a very positive impact on our revenue budget for the month of June, which has a direct impact on the beneficiaries of our fundraising—Aussie farmers.

– Jaimie Robertson, Fundraising Marketing and Communications Manager at Rural Aid


Campaign messaging was two-tired: an EOFY donations appeal and a thank you. Both worked to be targeted at existing donors, or people captured in existing databases or prospecting.

To ensure the greatest value for money for our client, we pooled the majority of our ad spend into digital, working closely with our media partner, Pivotus. We A/B tested the messaging and capture the audience with retargeting strategies.

NWO were great to work with and really took an interest in our organisation and what we’re trying to achieve, and this showed through in the quality and the emotion captured in the final production.

– Jaimie Robertson, Fundraising Marketing and Communications Manager at Rural Aid


We proposed a campaign based on interviews with Australian farmers who had experiences with Rural Aid.

It’s an honest campaign of full of real people, stories and emotions.

With COVID-19 still hanging around, our approach ensured we avoided potential interruptions, travel restrictions and cancellation costs for our client.

The videos are compilations of interviews with various farmers across the spectrum of industries that are framed by a ‘zoom screen’ visual device, which adds layers of authenticity to the personal stories.

Similarly the display banners and static Facebook posts used the zoom imagery and visual devices—all pointing people to the EOFY Rural Aid landing page where viewers could view the full videos and choose to donate.

I am very proud to have been a part of this campaign. Even though I was part of the storytelling process behind the scenes, I was moved at every stage of the process by how tough these Australians have it on a daily basis, and how candid they were with us about their stories.

– Kat Scott, producer