Find the right strategy for your project

The best projects earn community trust, generating waves of social benefit and becoming the cornerstones of your organisation’s success and legacy.

Too often, though, they fall flat because the community’s voice—the most powerful voice—isn’t channelled through effective stakeholder engagement.

Sometimes that’s because the messaging falls flat, and sometimes it’s because the method chosen isn’t fit for purpose.

We can help you overcome both.

As well as being an IAP2-certified provider—with more than 150 different methodologies at our fingertips—we have 25 years of experience as a creative agency, with teams of writers and designers ready to help.

Lean in to hear your community

When it comes to engaging authentically with your community, knowing how to reach them is half the battle.

Finding the loud voices and squeaky wheels in your communities isn’t hard—but capturing the ideas and enthusiasm of representative, diverse and hard-to-reach audiences takes insightful stakeholder mapping.

It doesn’t matter if your stakeholders angry or pleased, engaged or apathetic. Our facilitators have the experience and knowledge to get the insights you need from the community you serve.

Keep your community close

Once you’ve heard what your community has to say, what’s next?

We’ll help you develop and follow a strategy that keeps your project front-of-mind within your community.

And when your project finishes, we’ll help you close the loop, too.

It’s never too late to engage

Stakeholder engagement can happen at any time in your project—even toward the end.

While engaging early enables community ideas to be integrated into your project, effective engagement towards the end will ensure your community feels aware of any changes to come.

Meaningful change can be your result

We’ve spent more than 15 years connecting with diverse communities around life-changing initiatives from quitting smoking to vaccinating children.

Our extensive experience in behaviour change methodologies—a recognised cornerstone of stakeholder engagement—means that you don’t just have to connect with and listen to your community.

You can lead them on a process of change, too.

Work with us

We work with governments, businesses and not-for-profits to craft targeted stakeholder engagement that unlock the potential of their community initiatives.

Discover how your community’s voice can open up new opportunities for lasting results.