You know the feeling: an ad promise draws you in, you click through to the website and you’re impressed because it looks super slick.

Then you actually read it. And now you’re disappointed because it doesn’t actually say anything other than the surface detail of a business.

These websites are so common they’ve earned the term ‘brochure’ website. They look great, but that’s it.

We see it all the time and think it’s such a shame. Why? Because a website can be so. much. more.

How can your website escape the dreaded brochure effect? In short, don’t set and forget.

Good websites move, breathe and live—just like your business does.

Everyone knows it’s good practice to regularly update your website messaging and functionality. But you need to actually get around to doing it and—more importantly—have a reason for making a change.

So, what’s your strategy?

A website communication and engagement strategy has so many benefits. But the biggest one by far is SEO.

By biggest we don’t mean the most confusing or time-consuming. It simply boils down to content. Fresh content tells Google: This is who I am! This is what I do! See me! Hear me!

Google’s algorithms are super clever because they serve up the sort of content people want. But it means Google can only give people the content they want if it knows about your business and what you’re offering.

Of course, there are some technical aspects to consider. But your best SEO strategy is a long-term communications plan.

Do you know what the next six months for your website content looks like? What can you offer your customers other than opening hours and where you’re located?

By developing a digital communications strategy, your website gets updated regularly, which helps Google share your message with the right people at the right time.

Potential customers will find you, engage with you and trust you enough to get in touch.

You have so many options for interesting content. It could be a thought-leadership piece, event, media release, whitepaper, testimonial—the list can go on.

We have a huge amount of communications tools and angles we can develop to bolster your web presence.

Google also loves a fast, responsive website. Optimising your website by using the latest version of your content management system will ensure your site is running smoothly and as fast as it can.

Likewise, this will make your site more secure and help prevent security breaches (particularly important if you use WordPress).

We also offer long-term website maintenance plans. These include detailed server monitoring and ensuring your CMS and plugins are up-to-date.

For more critical sites, we offer zero downtime code-update deployments.

Talk to us about a long-term strategy for your website so it can be more than just another ‘brochure site’.