In Year 4 my foxtrot came third in ‘Dance Fever’, Queensland’s annual ballroom dancing competition.

I thought, “This is it, my career is decided.” I would be a ballroom dancer. It would be amazing. Never mind the painstaking practice routines and all that stuff. All I knew was I would wear flashy dresses covered in sequins and fun high heels. I see now the shoes were the main selling point (I had a whole lot of shoe design ideas). It wasn’t long before the appeal of competitive dancing dulled, and I decided being a shoe designer was my true calling.

Fast forward a few years on, mum knew there was no way in hell I was going to follow her or my sister’s footsteps into a nursing career. She didn’t want me to be the poor struggling artist l was dreaming of becoming, so she dragged me to a career expo. At the expo, we came across the Design College Australia booth. After being wooed with the dream of drawing and designing for a living, I was sold.

Today in my spare time I like to make stuff. I’ve dabbled in ceramics, sewing, collage, water colours and polymer clay. Most recently, I’ve designed and sewn a range of leather bags, keyrings and earrings for a pop-up store called Future = Female.

My dream is to live on a hobby farm with a tonne of golden retrievers, chickens, a few cows, probably a llama and a big shed where I can make stuff all day and night.


Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication


Illustration and choosing banging playlists for the studio


Sour beers, whisky sours, old fashions or scotch

Spirit animal:


Secret skills:

Hitting all the notes in Boy George’s ‘Karma Chameleon’ on SingStar