“Come on down!!!” I loved those words from Larry Emdur.

Not only did I want to be on the show and win the showcase, I wanted to be Larry and give away cars, boats, jewellery and golf clubs. It wasn’t just The Price is Right, but Supermarket Sweep with Ian Turpie, Wheel of Fortune with Sophie Falkiner and whoever the bloke was. I had a little (massive) crush on Sophie! Racing home from primary school, through the door and on the edge of the couch, with my red cordial in hand, yelling at the ‘useless’ contestants. That was my dream job, hosting a game show… and it should have been me not Grant Denyer hosting Family Fued! I’m way more charismatic, fun, taller and attractive… but back to reality.

I grew up in four different houses, three within the same estate in Brisbane. My parents loved building houses, so we upgraded every few years. I fell in love with building but more importantly with architecture and design. I would sketch house layouts instead of doing my homework and loved going to display homes when Mum got bored of our ‘new’ house. This is where my love for design and structure came from. I’m such a perfectionist that two years ago when we built our first house, I had to redesign the layout to best suit our lifestyle. I love that I can use my design skills across multiple disciplines and that I’m constantly challenged to learn and develop as a designer and person.

When I’m not at my desk, I’ll probably be at home in the backyard, playing with the kids, gardening or mowing the lawn. If I’m not there, I’ll be playing a round of golf or game of hockey, or whisking my wife away on a date night.


Advanced Diploma of Visual Communication (Design College Australia)


Branding + Identity, Brand Implementation


Frozen coke

Secret skills:

The Human Refidex – once I go somewhere, I can get home and even back there no worries. You won’t get lost with me!