The minute I was born, they told me I was destined for the dog walk. But, alas, these dreams were short-lived.

“Trot,” they said. And I swaggered.

“Recline,” they said. And I sprawled, on my back, belly exposed to the world.

“Diet,” they said. And I consumed everything: tissues, leads, shoes and cheese.

I am unashamed, because today I’m more than NWO’s resident house dog. I’m a muse.

Suzanne (my person) and I are rarely seen apart. She adores me because I ooze creative energy—sometimes so much it smells.

As director of people and culture, I lead the way in self-care and mindfulness… often sunning my belly in the yard or slipping into deep meditation in the board room.

The team are always hounding me about my far-fetched creative practice, but they’re all barking mad.

My measures may be unorthodox, but I get results (read: fed). The reason I’m here, the reason I care, is this: you have food.