A good friend defined me using one word. Authentic.

I couldn’t have been more flattered. Going into unique situations in response to a problem is my jam. It’s taken me over 20 years to reach this point as a designer and I feel like after two decades I’m comfortable with navigating the process.

Travel back to the mid 80’s where you’ll find me watching Aha’s ‘Take on Me’ film clip. This was the moment. Watching Morten turn into a graphic character in front of my eyes. Mind blown. There were many design competitions through my school years and so the years turn into decades. I’ve had the privilege of working overseas in a foreign country, teaching a new generation of designers, and above all I’ve learnt the importance of building and maintaining relationships with those around me.

This is the ‘gold’ I carry into both my design work and even though I haven’t taught in a couple of years, I write a blog for budding freelance designers called Trailblazing.


Advanced Certificate in Graphic Design


An all-rounder that loves learning new things. I have a passion for brand design, illustration and large format documents


I’m not too picky. But I love a nice scotch, or a gin and soda…margueritas are good too

Spirit animal:

Dolphin (I can sort of make the Flipper sound)

Secret skill:

Friendly office pranks