Ever since I was a young teenager I dreamed of becoming a successful musician.

I practiced night and day, and after I graduated high school I completed a Bachelor of Music at QUT. There must be some kind of crossover between writing music and writing code because many successful web developers started out their adult lives as musicians. During my studies I took a subject called Digital Composition, where I worked with C+ code to create synthesiser modules in a program called Max/MSP. Somehow this lead to online web development and I found that I really enjoyed it, far more than late night rehearsals and long trips away from my friends and family. One thing lead to another and here I am 12 years later writing code and working on all kinds of projects.

Of course when written out like that it makes it sound like a focused, narrow path. In those 12 years I’ve gotten married, had two kids, moved 3 times (my wife is an ED doctor, moving is part of the territory) been a stay at home dad and started a software engineering degree at JCU.

Now we’re back in Brisvegas, my eldest has started school, I’m looking forward to staying put for the foreseeable future.


Bachelor of Music, QUT


Full stack web development


Most beers, whisky, gin and tonic




Pretty decent cook (when I get time)