Chicago Hope, Homicide and Ally McBeal—these are three shows I watched religiously growing up (note I grew up in Malaysia and English shows were few and far between) which unfortunately planted the seed that being either a surgeon, detective or lawyer was the career for me.

I started a law degree but quickly (if you consider three years as quick) realised it definitely wasn’t for me and I was far more interested in marketing and communications.
Fast forward and I’ve gained 15 years of experience in the industry in different guises—from print media to digital, big international agencies to small independent ones. All to fund a debilitating travel habit.

Outside of work you’ll find me at the dog park (with my dogs, not a weirdo watching from afar), getting into fights with our bird named Birb, buying more sneakers that I don’t need, watching an unhealthy amount of sport and getting schooled on FIFA by 10-year-olds.


Bachelor of Business double majoring in Marketing and Advertising


Playing middleman between client and agency


Pale ales and bubble tea (just not together)

Spirit animal:

Orang Utan

Secret skill:

Guessing songs from the first two seconds, speaking three languages (with increasing shoddiness) and ping pong.